My Future 5-Piece Band

IMG_3242Maternity leave is the best. I am so grateful to have this time to dedicate to my growing baby boy. Adrian Wayne is already 1 month and he has changed so much. Gary and I still look at each other in awe…we made another crazy haired child! It’s so much fun to see how he resembles both of his older siblings.

As a result of our bundle of joy, I’ve had to put the music (and blogging) on the back-burner for a bit. Though, it didn’t stop Gary and I from taking a little getaway to Colorado back in early October.IMG_3025

We attended the Durango Songwriter’s Expo and spent time taking in all the glory of the Rockies. It was the perfect opportunity to mix business with pleasure. The first thing we did when we landed in Denver, was drive to a small town called Idaho Springs for some breakfast.IMG_3010 I fell in love with this beautiful town instantly. We then went down the road to a hot spring and soaked for a few hours. It was the perfect start to our vacation.

The next 2 days were packed with music listening sessions, workshops, and panel discussions with music industry professionals. There were open mic nights every night and plenty of time to mingle with other singer/songwriter’s from all over the country. My fondest memories were getting my song critiqued by Toad The Wet Sprocket’s, Glen Phillips, and meeting “Big Al” Anderson who helped launch Meghan Trainor a few years prior from the same expo. IMG_3028

I also was inspired by a very petite fiery redhead, named Amanda Williams. She was a straight shooter with the sweetest southern accent. I was mesmerized by her knowledge and her experience. While most critiques focused on what I would need to change to make my song more of a “hit,” Amanda had life-changing advice like “Don’t ever change yourself” and “Write about what you know.”

Songwriting was not only her craft, but it was in her blood. Amanda’s Daddy, Kim Williams, was a self acclaimed songwriter who wrote many #1 hits for artists such as Randy Travis and Garth Brooks. “Papa Loved Mama” is one of my favorites. Amanda co-wrote a song with Garth on his latest album “Man Against Machine” called “She’s Tired Of Boys.” She played it live on the last night of the showcase, and she blew me away all over again.IMG_3052

What really meant the world, is that she emailed me personally a few weeks after the trip to see how I was doing. Sadly, I just found out that her Daddy passed away on Feb. 11, the very day my little Adrian was born. It is a day that we will forever share in our hearts.

Gary and I wrapped our trip up with some hiking and exploring.IMG_3020 IMG_3054IMG_3078At the time I was about 5 months pregnant, and starting to feel my baby kick. In fact, during open mic and showcase nights I think he was dancing! It was wonderful to have at least one of my babies with me. It doesn’t take too much time away before Gary and I get homesick for them. We are now a blessed bunch of 5 and have completed our future 5-piece band! IMG_3273

I sure hope all is well in your life and thank you for continuing to follow the adventures of Eliza Toth 😉

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